How is Like Home coming along? :) Also I've noticed that on ao3 the chapter count ends in /?. Does this mean you don't know how many chaps it's going to be? xXxx

oh i should probs update that, shouldn’t i? oops

i’m so sad ‘cause i’ve been planning this one fic since last spring but have only written 2 chapters and gotten preoccupied with other things but i have an entire playlist created for it and it’s actually my favorite playlist and i listen to it like all the time but i haven’t written the fic yet and i’m so smad with myself 

Have you read the Larry fic Fading? I'm scared to read it bc apparently emotional

i was originally gonna say no but then i remembered i /have/ read most of that fic. never finished. but yes, quite emotional indeed

I follow you on here and also your personal and we even mutual follow on twitter but whenever I message you I still hit anon. I just thought that was a bit funny.😊😊 anyways loved the new chapter! Hope all is well!

that’s so amusing! haha, thanks, love. hope all is well with you, too!

Loved the chapter. You used "kiss me you fool" and I thew myself under my bed covers giggled so much omg. Was so excited that gemma was in this chapter, she is my women crush tbh. Stay fab ^_^ xx

oh man I debated keeping that line in there for weeks hahah, somehow it made the cut! Glad you liked seeing a bit of Gemma :) thanks for reading, love x

scribbling “this can be cause for nautical tatts!!!!" whilst replanning upcoming chapters is oddly equal parts satisfying and motivating

JUST FINISHED CHAPTER 16 AND NOW IM WONDERING WHEN THE NEXT UPDATE WILL BE :D TOMORROW MAYBE?? lol jk jk but in all seriousness, that chapter was BRILLIANT. I had tears in my eyes when Gemma and Harry reunited. CANNOT WAIT FOR THE NEXT CHAPTER. Just please, don't make us wait 917492726 years again :'( anyways. LOVE YA, KEEP DOIN WHAT YOURE DOIN, AND STAY AWESOME! #teamlikehome #teamcheekiestcheeky

NOT TOMORROW BUT IT BETTER BE SOON and seriously it’ll be so much sooner than last time, seeing as i’ve vowed not to let this freakin fic continue on past my graduation that’s in… 102 days fuckfuckfuck which means i have just over 100 days to churn out about 4 more chapters if all goes as planned fingers crossed #teamlikehome 

also thank youuu x

most of the time i forget that LH even has ziall in it until someone mentions it explicitly because in my brain it’s just there like oh ofc the earth is round oh ofc the sun rises and sets oh ofc there’s ziall of course 

ahhhhhhhhhh omg!! Chapter 16 had me smiling from ear to ear the whole way through it's so cute!!

:D good, good, cute is def what i aim for. so happy it had you smiling :)) thanks, love x

Brilliant chapter. Totally worth the wait! I love how Harry is growing in this story. Thanks!

Ahh, good, so glad it was worth the wait. (((i tried))) Thank you! :) x