You're incredible and I appreciate you very much

my heart just grew 4 sizes let me hug you please thank you

regarding ‘like home’

to answer every message currently sitting in my inbox:

- no, i have not abandoned like home
- yes, i still have plans to continue

basically, my plan “finish like home by graduation” has shifted to “finish like home and write everything else AFTER graduation”

i’ve lost so much motivation this semester and have that senioritis in full swing rn it’s baaaaad and because of it when i DO happen upon a surge of motivation the focus has to be set on my two writing intensive courses, not fun time fic. most unfortunately.

all that said, two weeks left! be back soon, take care x


if i lay here

if i just lay here

do u think this fanfic will write itself

russian translation: keep you in my pocket

a russian translation is now available, many thanks to eve and vivien :)

um hi so i just found out today that i’ve been offered a position in the disney college program for the fall (!!!!!), SO

in honor of that i’m rec’ing my favorite disney larry fic okay it’s called disney magic by sometimesitshardtograsp please go read even if you’ve read it already because haha what’s not to love about disney and larry combined??? beautiful, that

Till Kingdom Come - Chapter Four

**Co-authored with bitmischievous**

Summary: In the land of Astorya, every character (well, good character, that is) is guaranteed a generic happy ending – a Happily Ever After. Prince Louis, a brazen young man on the brink of eighteen, craves more than his story is set to give. And when a young man disguised as a knight catches his eye just days before he is set out to charm his assigned One True Love, disaster begins to brew. Read full summary in the masterpost



AN: hahaha wow, um. hi. we’re terribly sorry. like, mountains upon mountains sorry. we’d promise it won’t happen again, but we’re both on our own quests at the moment. the quests of senior year. it’s rather grueling, and we apologize. but please do enjoy x

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not to ruin your headcanon, but all celebs have at least 2 phones. 1 for business/a number to give out, 1 for family/friends that they don't give out the number to as easily. It's very standard.

shhhhh shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

your last update was on my birthday aka the best bday gift ever ~

ahh, well happy belated birthday, dear! X

Awww second phone thing, so cute :)

and stupid tho, isn’t it? so cute and stupid i was crying while writing

one-shot: keep you in my pocket


title: keep you in my pocket
pairing: harry/louis
word count: ~3,000
summary: harry has a second phone, and maybe it’s kind of stupid but it’s also pretty cute.

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